From our base in the Cayman Islands, we deliver cross-border asset recovery and advisory services to clients worldwide. Our team has vast experience in leading high profile and complex assignments and investigations.

“Our team is held in high regard by government agencies, law firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations worldwide for our ability to identify, trace, recover, and repatriate assets in the most complex situations.” 
Stephen Briscoe, Managing Director,  Caribbean Region

Our team in the Cayman Islands

Managing Director Stephen Briscoe leads the team in the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands – Stephen is a restructuring professional with extensive offshore and cross-border experience. Over the course of his career, he has held leadership roles in major US advisory firms, as well as in boutique advisory firms in Hong Kong where he spent almost 20 years, and latterly in the Cayman Islands. Stephen is supported by Directors Kim Leck, Patrick Sakowski and Associate Director Jamie Roberts.

Who we work with 

We regularly work with government agencies, global law firms, investment funds, financial institutions, multinational corporations, and high-net-worth individuals.  

What we do 

Our team delivers cross-border asset recovery and advisory services to clients worldwide. Our multi-disciplinary team, consisting of former regulatory and government investigators, forensic accountants, insolvency practitioners and asset tracing intelligence analysts, always take a practical approach to seemingly highly complex issues.  

Cross-border Asset Recovery

Our asset tracing and recovery services are truly global. We provide project management and litigation support on complex and multi-jurisdictional matters to repatriate the proceeds of fraud and corruption wherever perpetrators may have hidden funds or assets. Our team regularly consults with government agencies, law firms, financial institutions, multinational corporations, litigation funders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), leading high profile and complex investigations into bribery, corruption, misconduct, conflicts of interest, embezzlement and misappropriation of sovereign wealth. Using our knowledge of insolvency as an asset recovery tool in offshore jurisdictions, we work closely with our international teams to produce and develop actionable intelligence to enable the recovery of financial losses and stolen assets worldwide.

Asset Tracing & Data Intelligence

We track and recover assets across borders for a broad range of clients and have taken instruction in high profile complex cases. The team is complemented by the engagement of a worldwide intelligence network to perform source enquiries. This is combined and enhanced with expert analysis by specialist financial investigators, forensic accountants, and insolvency practitioners to identify and locate assets, wherever they may be. Intelligent data mining and analysis are at the heart of our investigations and our in-house tools enable our teams to search and utilize billions of records to find unusual patterns, variances and insights. 

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

We provide independent advice and support for government agencies, financial institutions, and commercial parties to identify wrongdoing and mitigate economic loss and reputational risk. We undertake investigations for various purposes including the investigation of high profile, global frauds, as well as wrongdoing by individuals and corporates, regulatory investigations, corruption and bribery investigations, investigations arising from contentious insolvency matters and electronic frauds. Part of our approach to delivering successful investigations is based on our belief that acting promptly increases the chances of securing vital evidence as reduced delays and swift action often support the maximization of recoveries.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Restructuring and Insolvency teams provide comprehensive financial and operational restructuring services and advice to underperforming and financially stressed businesses, their lenders, shareholders, and other stakeholders. We are experienced in acting on matters involving complex multi-stakeholder restructurings across a range of industries which allows us to quickly understand the key challenges and assist our clients in implementing viable restructuring solutions. Our team also has vast experience in working on receiverships, provisional liquidations, official liquidations, voluntary liquidations and undertaking restructuring engagements. 

Segregated Portfolio Companies

Cayman is one of a handful of jurisdictions which utilizes the Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) concept, whereby the SPC creates multiple segregated portfolios (SP) in which the assets and liabilities of each SP are legally separate from the assets and liabilities of any other SP and from the SPC’s general assets and liabilities. Whilst it’s an oversimplification, people often think of each SP as its own company within a company. SPCs are regularly used in the captive insurance and investment fund sectors to quarantine liabilities of each respective insurance program or investment fund whilst reducing the costs and administrative burden of registering multiple companies. Our team has significant experience in relation to SPCs, and our clients appreciate our focused approach allowing us to clearly separate workstreams and issues faced by each SP. We find this reduces the likelihood of any contagion issues or unwarranted costs being allocated to untainted SPs, thus protecting the interests of shareholders.

Forensic Technology

Our experts have considerable experience in securing and analyzing data in a forensically sound manner, such that it can then be used in evidence or in support of an investigation. We can efficiently review vast amounts of information using specialist forensic software and present our findings in a useable and targeted format. We look well beyond readily detectable data, identifying deleted items and/or information that would not be available without the use of specialist software. The tools and techniques we use allow us to collect and analyze data from a wide variety of media, such as smartphones, webmail, chat/messaging systems, archives, laptops and of course servers and online storage.

State-of-the-art eDiscovery

We assist clients in all stages of an eDiscovery exercise, from identifying and preserving data to document review and production. We utilize the most up to date document review platform available, and always help to ascertain the most effective workflow for the matter in hand. Our experts advise on searching and filtering, utilize ‘Machine Translation’ and ‘Audio/Video Transcription’, set up ‘Technology Assisted Review’ workflows as required and, of course, in the latter stages, ensure that relevancy, privilege and tagging have been completed before producing a final disclosure set. It has now become standard practice on almost every matter for us to combine traditional search methodologies (keywords/phrases, layered searches), with sophisticated AI (Augmented Intelligence/Machine Learning/Concept Searching/Sentiment Analysis) in order to be quickly drawn to the most likely relevant documents when searching for specific items, or to create a ‘prioritised review set’ to dramatically reduce document volumes and therefore costs.

Our other services include: 

  • Corporate Finance 
  • Valuations  

Key contact

Stephen is a Managing Director in our Restructuring & Insolvency team and Head of Caribbean, overseeing the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands offices.

Stephen has worked in the insolvency and corporate recovery sector for over 50 years. He specialises in corporate recovery, restructuring, and liquidations, with particular expertise in private equity receivership and independent directorships. Stephen has held senior positions in the UK, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean.

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