Our team in the British Virgin Islands works closely with the local and global professional community, providing a full advisory offering including restructuring and insolvency, cross-border asset recovery, investigations, and eDiscovery.

"Working closely with our Cayman Islands team, we offer our clients across the Caribbean region and around the world, support across the most complex cross-border cases and a full range of advisory services."
Stephen Briscoe, Managing Director

Our team in the British Virgin Islands

The team in the British Virgin Islands is led by Managing Director, Stephen Briscoe. Stephen is supported by Associate Director, Merish Gujadhur, who works closely with our Cayman Islands office to support the wider Caribbean region, as well as working with colleagues in London, the Middle East, Cyprus, Singapore, and Mauritius.

Who we work with 

Our team in the British Virgin Islands regularly works with government agencies, global law firms, hedge funds, banks, multinational corporations, and high-net-worth individuals.  

What we do 

Our team delivers cross-border asset recovery and advisory services to clients all over the world. Our multi-disciplinary team, consisting of former regulatory and government investigators, forensic accountants, insolvency practitioners, and asset tracing intelligence analysts, always takes a practical approach to seemingly complex issues.

Cross-border Asset Recovery

Our asset tracing and recovery services are truly global. We provide project management and litigation support on complex and multi-jurisdictional matters to repatriate the proceeds of fraud and corruption, wherever perpetrators may have hidden funds or assets. Our team regularly consults with governments, law firms, banks, corporations, litigation funders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), leading high profile and complex investigations into bribery, corruption, malfeasance, conflicts of interest, embezzlement and misappropriated sovereign wealth. Using our knowledge of insolvency as an asset recovery tool in offshore jurisdictions, we work closely with our international teams to produce and develop actionable intelligence to enable the recovery of financial losses and stolen assets worldwide.

Asset Tracing & Data Intelligence

We track and recover assets across borders for a broad range of clients and have taken instruction in high profile complex cases. The team deploys cutting-edge, market-leading tools in machine learning and open-source intelligence, complemented by the engagement of a worldwide intelligence network to perform source enquiries. This is combined and enhanced with expert analysis by specialist financial investigators, forensic accountants and insolvency practitioners to identify and locate assets, wherever they may be. Intelligent data mining and analysis are at the heart of our investigations and our in-house tools enable our teams to search and utilize billions of records to find unusual patterns, variances and insights. 

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

We provide independent advice and support for sovereigns, international governmental organizations, financial institutions, and commercial parties to identify wrongdoing and mitigate economic loss and reputational risk. We undertake investigations for various purposes including the investigation of high profile, global frauds, as well as wrongdoing by individuals and corporates, regulatory investigations, corruption and bribery investigations, investigations arising from contentious insolvency matters and electronic frauds. Our approach to delivering successful investigations is based on our belief that acting promptly increases the chances of securing vital evidence, as reduced delays and swift action often allow for the maximization of recoveries.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Restructuring & Insolvency team provides comprehensive financial and operational restructuring services and advice to underperforming and financially stressed businesses, their lenders, shareholders, and other stakeholders. We are experienced in acting on matters involving complex multi-stakeholder restructurings across a range of industries which allows us to quickly understand the key challenges and assist our clients in implementing viable restructuring solutions. Our team also has vast experience in working on receiverships, provisional liquidations, insolvent liquidations, and solvent liquidations. 

Forensic Technology

Our experts secure and analyze data, such  that it can then be used in evidence or in support of an investigation. Our experts have considerable experience in securing and analyzing data in a forensically sound manner, such that it can then be used in evidence or in support of an investigation. Using specialist forensic software, we can efficiently review vast amounts of information and present our findings in a usable and targeted format. We look well beyond readily detectable data, identifying deleted items and/or information that would not be available without the use of specialist software. Although we regularly accept instructions in cases with no financial aspect, we add value and differentiate ourselves where there is. Our team also specializes in forensic accounting, and we can therefore go well beyond keywords, file types, date ranges, etc when reviewing data. We regularly analyze and identify data in conjunction with corresponding accounting work. 

State-of-the-art eDiscovery

We assist clients in all stages of an eDiscovery exercise, from identifying and preserving data, to document review and production. Not only do we provide a software platform, but we actively work with clients and external counsel to ensure technical aspects of the discovery process are identified and further assistance can be deployed where necessary. We regularly draw from the expertise of our in-house forensic accounting, asset recovery, and investigation specialists to address key litigation matters as they arise and assist clients with the navigation of data to establish best-practice workflows. Our experts are on-hand to advise on searching and filtering, perform ‘Technology Assisted Review’ workflows as required and, in the latter stages, ensure that relevancy, privilege, and tagging have been completed before the production of a final disclosure set.

Our other services include: 

  • Corporate Finance 
  • Valuations 

Key contact

Stephen is a Managing Director in our Restructuring & Insolvency team and Head of Caribbean, overseeing the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands offices.

Stephen has worked in the insolvency and corporate recovery sector for over 50 years. He specialises in corporate recovery, restructuring, and liquidations, with particular expertise in private equity receivership and independent directorships. Stephen has held senior positions in the UK, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean.

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