Quantifying the value of businesses, shareholdings and other assets can be a highly complex exercise requiring a deep understanding of valuation methodologies, as well as practical experience.

What we do

We are trusted by multinational corporates and professionals around the world to undertake valuations of businesses, shareholdings and other assets, ranging in size and across sectors and jurisdictions. We are well versed in valuation methodologies and their use in legal proceedings in jurisdictions around the world. We understand the various bases of value as defined (e.g. market value, equitable value, etc.) and how important it is to ensure the appropriate basis is being applied.

Some of the valuation assignments we undertake include:

  • Post-M&A transaction disputes
  • Shareholder or partnership disputes
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Using business valuations to quantify damages in commercial cases, typically comparing the value of a business in the actual circumstances to the value in a counterfactual scenario
  • Non-contentious valuations (for example for tax purposes or on buying or selling a business)

Valuations of financial instruments

As well as valuing businesses, our team regularly undertakes valuation assignments for financial assets, in the context of a dispute or as standalone exercises in non-contentious situations. Some of the assets we have experience in providing valuations for include:

  • Share options
  • Enterprise Management Incentives schemes
  • Unquoted securities

Valuation of Intellectual Property (IP)

For many businesses, their most important assets are the IP they hold. We have considerable experience in providing valuations for IP assets and are also experienced in acting alongside other specialists (including brand valuation consultancies) when assignments require it.

Our Team