Cross-border disputes involving organizations and individuals across different jurisdictions are often complex with significant amounts at stake.

What we do

We are highly regarded for advising clients worldwide on complex cross-border disputes, often alongside large and multinational law firms.

Our team has acted as an expert witness in hundreds of matters in multiple jurisdictions across a wide range of industries, providing independent expert reports to courts and arbitral tribunals and our senior team members have given evidence under cross-examination on numerous occasions. Matters we are instructed on include those ranging to where the quantum is above $1bn.

Our team specializes in the financial aspects of dispute resolution in litigation and arbitration proceedings, often serving as a party and court/tribunal-appointed expert.

We are regularly instructed to assist clients as expert witness on matters including:

  • Contractual, shareholder and partnership disputes
  • SPA and warranty disputes
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Business and share valuations
  • Termination of commercial agencies
  • Fraud (civil and criminal) and financial crime

In particular, we are regularly instructed in arbitration matters of differing size and complexity, conducted under the rules of bodies such as the ICC, ICSID, LAC, LCIA, Lewiatan, SAKIG, UNCITRAL, VIAC.

When not formally instructed as expert witnesses, we provide dispute advisory services, assisting in resolving disputes. We help clients to formulate and defend claims (for example, where a court has not permitted expert evidence), and we provide shadow expert advice (perhaps where a single joint expert has been appointed and independent scrutiny of their work is required). 

We are also regularly instructed in expert determinations both as expert determiner, as well as assisting parties to disputes in making submissions. Our regular instructions in determinations include:

  • Sale and purchase agreement matters
  • Earnout disputes
  • Completion accounts
  • Other contractual disputes
  • Business and share valuations

As a specialist advisory practice, it is rare that we would be conflicted.

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Our Team